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Toronto house painting is something we do best. Painter for Hire paints houses all over Toronto providing top-notch quality and customer service on every Toronto house painting project. As professional Toronto painters we understand all steps and precautions that go along with painting a house. From surface preparation to application method and what paint product is the best to use. Our Toronto house painters work with every customer to ensure their total satisfaction - we make painting your home easy!

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Our house painting services include:

We've got the full package of house painting services

Our painters provide Toronto house painting services to match all your needs; far beyond just painting your walls, we provide all services in the areas of Toronto house painting. From deciding on paint sheen, to bathroom paint choices, or deck staining, we've got all of your interior and exterior house painting needs covered.

Safety and protection is important. Whether we're painting the inside or outside of your house we take all precautions to safeguard your property, items and in the case of exterior work any nearby property as necessary. Drop-cloths, painters plastic, painters tape and heavy paper are common paint protection items we use to protect all valuables when house painting. Items are relocated or protected in order to provide your home a safe and beautiful paint job. Our professional Toronto house painters have the skills & abilities to create your beautiful freshly painted home.

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House painting is more than just cosmetic

Painting your house is an important part of maintaining your home's value. Paint is the first line of defence against the elements, and especially with the weather in Toronto you know how bad these elements can be. Well maintained paint can be the crucial difference between costly damage and a beautiful home. Further, when looking to sell your house it's important to not only take this into consideration but also to consider the paint colours in your house. Our Toronto house painters understand the needs of home owners and why house painting is such an important aspect of your homes upkeep.

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Paint colour - An important aspect of house painting

Paint colour is a often a problem when preparing your house for sale, typically the most ideal paint colours for a house on the market is to paint the walls white or an off-white paint colour such as a beige. A lighter paint colour opens a rooms of the house up and also provides a blank-slate for the potential home buyer to imagine filling themselves. Often a house has been painted to the original home owners liking and it's hard for the potential home buyer's imagination to 're-paint' and see themselves in the space. There are many choices when deciding on what paint to use on the interior of your home and a low-VOC paint is always an option that should be considered. Painter for Hire are more than equipped to re-paint for the sale of your home.

For a sampling of our residential painting work, including house paint jobs, see our residential gallery page.

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Toronto Residential Painting Information

Some more detailed information on our Toronto residential services

Our Toronto painters have painted a wide variety of residential properties and provide a large selection of residential painting services, here's a few pages detailing our work.

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